Moving Back

In just under two weeks I will be moving out of student halls, which has been my home to for the past year, and back to my home, home. Its strange thinking that this time last year I was doing my A level exams and feeling scared but excited to go to University. I didn’t even get into the University I wanted to, which now I’m glad about as I wouldn’t have the amazing friends I have now, or have had the same experiences. 

Anyway reflecting over the year, University has definitely been a great experience! Drinking and partying aside, I’ve gathered vital life knowledge as well as learned stuff to do with my course, Journalism. I am really excited to see what the second year brings me.

The dilemma I have now is what to do with all this free time and no money, the downside of being a student. I’m sure I will discover some new TV series to occupy some of my time. Maybe I’ll re watch the Walking Dead. 

Back to my point, which I think was about going to Uni, it’s definitely something everyone should have a chance to experience. To those of starting in September, Good Luck! x


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