7 things I’ve learnt in the past 6 months

Today in class our lecturer asked us to write a blog style post on 7 things we had learnt in the past month. Here is what I came up with..

1)INDIAN FOOD IS AMAZING!! For some reason I spent most of my life thinking I didn’t like it, then a few months ago I went out with a few friends to an Indian restaurant and fell in love. I am now obsessed with it, in fact I’m going out for an Indian tonight.

2)RUM IS BAD. I went out the other night, someone put rum in my drink, it didn’t end well.

3)HOW TO MAKE A FLATLINER. A type of shot made of tequila, sambuca and tobasco sauce. Very disgusting and will most likely make you sick.

4)IF YOU BUY EASTER EGGS THE DAY AFTER EASTER THEY’RE SO CHEAP!!! Yep no more spending so much money on easter eggs for people (although I never ever really buy them) I’ll just wait till after easter! I have stnowocked up until next year

5) I LOVE SECOND HAND DVD SHOPS!! I never used to buy DVD’s. I thought they where a waste if money until I realised shops like CEX sell them ridiculously cheap! I have acquired so many it the past few months, including a box set of all the Harry Potter films 😉 jealous?!

6)I HAVE VERY BAD ARACHNAPHOBIA! I have always been scared of spiders but it’s got worse. I can’t stand to look at pictures of them, I get scared if they come on tv, I hate the fake Halloween ones you get of them, even writing about them freaks me about! There is no picture with this one for a reason!!!!!

7) I HAVE A SHOPPING PROBLEM!! A wrote a post about it not long ago, I buy too much random stuff and clothes!! As soon as get my wages I spend them!! I tell myself every week I’m just going to buy food, that’s all I need but it never works!!!

Published by Jess

Hi and welcome to my blog. I graduated from uni a few years ago with a degree in journalism and I currently work full time in digital marketing. I have a passion for travel, photography and food!

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