Halloween, one of my most favourite holidays. The main reason….SWEETS!! And dressing up and scaring people and and face paint and ZOMBIES!! Yes I love Halloween.

It takes time though to prepare yourself and make sure your ready. Here is my Halloween check list:

Costume. I LOVE dressing up. I don’t like the shop bought scary Halloween costumes, I prefer the home made ones. Mostly I do go as some sort of zombie so it basically just means ripping something up and adding fake blood.

Sweets. Sadly I am a little to old to go trick or treating and I’m at uni so can’t take my sister. Instead I buy lots of sweets. For myself, not trick or treaters.

Music. Dosen’t feel like Halloween unitll you’ve listened to some halloween music. My Favourite song is Marilyn Manson’s cover of This is Hallowee. He scares me a little. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVSpfQHEsNY

Films You have to watch something scary or halloweeny to get you in the spirit. My choice: Scooby Doo on Zombie Island. It has a pretty good theme tune to.

scooby doo

Face paint Whatever you go as you’ll probably need it. Fake eye lashes are pretty good too, especially if your going as a witch or vampire, something along those lines. It’s normally the only time of year I wear them.

Pumpkin It’s annoying getting all the middle pulpy bit out, but it’s in the tradition to have or carve a pumpkin.

More sweets You can never have too many sweets.

And that is my Halloween check list.Hope you all have a merry Halloween!

A few of my Halloween costumes:

halloween 051 IMAG1428 hallo halhalohalow

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