With Christmas, my birthday, wages and student loan, I’ve had a little bit of money to spare. So this happened:


Here are some of my favourite buys from the past month, enjoy!


Pug Slippers!!!!

A spider decided to inhabit my old slippers so I had to buy new ones. Fortunately New Look had these in their sale.


Yankee Candle’s valentines day strawberry candle.

It smells so sweet and makes my room smell so nice!!! I fell in love with their Christmas sugar cookie candle but as Christmas is over 😦 they don’t have it. This was one is my new second favourite 🙂


Unicorn diary!!

I needed a new diary for uni and fell in love with this one from paper chase. It was a little expensive for a diary but I will use it loads as I’m terrible at remembering days.


Unicorn horn bubble bar from Lush!

So many colours!!!!!!! And it smells like lavender 🙂 I cannot wait to have a bath with this.


Also from lush:  Creamy Candy bath bubble bar.

This just smells AMAZING!!! I can’t even describe it.


Flowery dress!

Got this from the New Look sale. Wasn’t to sure about it at first but I tried it on and it looked nice 🙂 (I would have taken a picture of what it’s looks like on but I’ve only just got back from the gym and I’m all sweaty.) Will probably wear this when it’s gets a bit a warmer though.


Checked skirt

This is also from New Look. I’m in love with checked things at the minute and thought I could wear this with some really tights while it’s cold.


Checked dress

This is from Boohoo. I don’t really have any dresses suitable for these cold conditions so thought this one would be great. I wasn’t to keen on the yellow in it, but it fits nicely and keeps me warm. They have some really nice checked dress’s in at the minute, it was so hard just choosing one!! Some aren’t too expensive either.


Pretty Bag!!

I really needed a new bag from uni as my rucksack was dying and all my other bags where to small. So I bought this from Accessorize. It wasn’t to expensive but it wasn’t cheap. Luckily they take student discount there. I think this is a great bag for uni/college/school or if your going out for the day as it’s big so you can fit plenty of things inside, it goes with sooo many different outfits. It’s also got a long strap if you don’t want to carry it buy the handles. I just LOVE it!! It also comes in red and black I think,acc_1.7/7898476000


Little pencil case

This is my last item to show you. I got this in the paper chase sale to put pens and highlighters in in case they leaked so it wouldn’t go all over my new bag. (This has happened before. I swear pens hate me) Haven’t bought a pencil case in a loooong time! (My last one was a twilight one with Jacob Black on it )

Hope you liked this post, haven’t really done anything like this before but I aim to do more!

Bye x


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