Age of Ultron film review

As many of you will know, the new avengers film Avengers: Age of Ultron came out last week and because of coursework and work I’ve only had chance to see it. And it’s FREAKING AMAZING.

If the first few minutes doesn’t make you have a major marvel-gasm then the rest definitely will. It’s packed full of drama, romance, humour and of course lots of action!

I’m just in love with the opening of the film, it throws you straight into the action and the love you had for the avengers in the first film will come rushing back.

There are some new characters introduced, a big one near the end who I’m still not sure if he’s good or evil.

We get to find out more about Hawk-eye and there’s even a romance between two Avengers.

Ultron is the ultimate bad guy who really creeps me out, especially with his string song that he sings. The scene in which he first appears has been done perfectly, showing how evil and crazy his is.

There’s humour right from the start until the end which is what I love about the Avengers films. It throws as many genres in as it can, and it works so well.

You also see a quick glimpse into Black Widows past through some kind of vision. I really want them to make a film about her!!!

The film when honestly over rule your expectations. It lives up to the standard of the first one, maybe even more.

I 100% recommend you see it. It will be the best £8 you ever spent. (Or however your much your ticket costs.

I honestly think I might have to go and see it again.

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