Garnier summer body moisturising lotion: Extended product review

A while ago I wrote about this product briefly in one of my haul blogs but I wanted to go into more detail.

Garnier’s summer body, is a body moisturiser with a hint of tannning ingredient.

I have tried a few different gradual tanning products and haven’t found one that works as well as this, and at a reasonable price.

Within a few days of using this, I noticed my skin had gone from a pasty white to a nice sun-kissed look.

It smells like apricots but after a while it does start to smell a little bit like fake tan buuut it still smells good!

I have never really got on well with fake tan as I can never put it on evenly, which is why this product is perfect for me and anyone else who has this problem.

I can’t stop checking out my arms when i’m wearing a sleeveless top and seeing how tanned they look.

I recommend using this product every other day or every couple of days for a even sun kissed look and exfoliate before you use it.

I have found that if you use it every day or more it starts to look a little patchy. Also wash your hands after use as it does stain them if you use it to much.

This is such a good buy to get you looking ready for summer. It works well and isn’t to expensive!


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