Shopping Haul and Bloggers Block

I know it’s been a while since I have last posted but thats because if had a bad case of blogger block.

I had all these ideas of things to post about and photograph once uni had finished but so far I’ve done nothing. Literally nothing.

BUT there’s still some time left. I have around 2 months until I start my final year so I have time to loose the bloggers block and get creative!

To start off, I thought I’d share some of my recent purchases! 🙂

The weather has been getting warmer lately (FINALLY!), and my wardrobe is lacking in nice pretty summer floral prints so of course that had to change 😉

I got this dress from New Look which i am in LOVE with! They have some other dresses similar to this but in different colours so head down there now!

IMG_1143 IMG_1148

This dress is also from New Look:


Next I wandered into Miss Selfridge as they have a big sale on at the minute 🙂 🙂 🙂 And a got these shorts


I think they’l look great to wear in the day or at night with a nice light coloured crop top.

I went on a trip to Brighton a few weeks ago (I meant to blog about it but it just didn’t happen..) I was shocked at how many shops it has!!!! It even has a Burshka, where I picked up these two tops from

IMG_1154 IMG_1153

If you’ve never heard of Burshka, thats because you normally find it in Spain and I was so surprised to see one in Brighton!!

Brighton has a lot of little shops which sell vintage and handmade things, and I stumbled across a place called Sass & belle which sold lots of little bedroom accessories.


This is a jewellery stand holder which is what I’ve been looking for and fits in nicely with the theme I have for my bedroom.

I have been on the look out lately for a new bag which is a rectangle shape with long straps, is a nice neutral colour and isn’t to big but not to small, or to expensive. (I’m picky when it comes to bags.)

I managed to find this one that fitted my criteria in Debenhams


Of course I had to get some make up as well, and as I’ve been wanting to try some different lipstick colours I thought I’d get one of the Matte Apocalips. This one is 307 metoric matte.


I prefer the Matte Apocalips to the normal as it stays on my lips longer and feels so smooth!

I purchased this final items from one of my favourite online shops – Misguided, and I have literally lived in them.

IMG_1201IMG_1203 IMG_1202

They just add a splash of colour to my outfit and make a nice change from my boots and trainers. I think they’re a great for summer. (I don’t normally wear them with socks but I had blisters eww)

They are currently in the sale to!!! I would post a link but the laptop won’t let me. Just search for cloud print on Misguided and they should come up on the first page. I also recommend buying a size bigger as I bought a 6 (My normal shoe size) and had to exchange them for the next ones up.

Hope you have enjoyed this post, and hopefully my bloggers block will end soon so I can back to blogging!! x

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