Trying to get whiter teeth – Any advice?

My latest challenge is trying to find a non harmful, not to expensive and easy to use home teeth whitening kit, but so far I haven’t had much look.

To start off with I thought I’d try something basic and use the listerine advanced white mouthwash. I used this every day for a couple of weeks and although it may have worked slightly it wasn’t a very noticeable change.

 Next I went to boots and bought myself a kit. I chose this rapid white 1 week kit as it wasn’t to expensive and looked like a trust worthy brand.

To use you it, you were given gum shields which you first had to mould to your teeth. You then put this accelerator stuff on your teeth and filled the gum shields with whitening gel and put them on. You wore them for around 10 minutes then brushed your teeth with this toothpaste that was included.

You had to repeat this process morning and night for a week. Although it was a little time consuming it seemed to be going okay, at first. One night when I was using it I used to much whitening gel and got it on the corners of my mouth. It stung a little so I wiped it off after a few minutes. The corners of my mouth were quite red but I thought nothing of it and thought it would fade by morning.

However the next day the corners of my mouth had scabbed up and were really saw. It lasted for about a week and even though this was about a month ago the corners of my mouth are still a bit red now.

(This second photo I took today, you can slightly see the redness on the corners of my mouth although it’s not great quality picture. Sorry!) 

I thought it probably best to stop using it after this.
After a few weeks I decided to try another kit but something different. I found this white shock gel pen in boots. 

To use, you twisted the bottom to get the gel out, apply to teeth , leave for 8 minutes then rinse. You had to use it twice a day for two weeks. 

I struggled to use it at first as I couldn’t tell if any gel was coming out. 

After a few days of using it I looked in the mirror and my teeth seemed to be yellower than before. It could just have been some food that I had eaten ( although I can’t think what) but I decided to stop using it anyway. 

So now I am on the look out for a new teeth whitening kit to try. If you have any that you have used and found effective then please let me know!!! I can’t seem to find any reviews of any online.

Bye for now x

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