September Beauty Buys

I’m forever buying and trying new beauty products so I thought I’d share and rate the ones I bought during September! 


Strawberry body mist from bodyshop 

It’s a good perfumed spray which I use throughout the day to keep myself smelling nice and fruity! The only downside is that it’s a glass bottle so it’s quite heavy when you carry it around in your bag.


Kiki Milano contouring pencils

This product contains a contouring and highlight pencil. I’ve never used contouring pencils before and these weren’t to expensive so thought I’d try them.

I found them a bit complicated to use as they are quite thin but after watching some YouTube videos I soon found a way I was comfortable with. 

My face did look slightly more defined however I was expecting a more noticeable affect. 

I would recommend though for those experimenting with contour and highlighting for the first time. 


Revolution eyeshadow palette 

I needed a new eye shadow palette and didn’t want to spend much. This one is great!  It’s got loads of different shades and is easy to apply. Would definitely recommend! 


Real techniques beauty blender

I’d seen loads of positive reviews about this sponge and thought I’d give it a try.

It is amazing! I mainly use it for concealer around my nose and under my eyes and it blends it in so smoothly. I wish I’d tried it sooner. 

 I haven’t tried washing it yet but most reviews says its wishes and dries fairly quickly.

An essential make up tool.



Revlon black cherry lipstick

This colour literally defines Autumn for me! It’s easy to apply and it’s such a bold colour. 

However it is only a cheap lipstick so you will have to keep reapplying it throughout the day, if that’s not a problem with you then I would recommend! 


Vaseline coco butter lip balm

Cold weather means dry, scabby lips and this lip balm soon solves that problem.

It is a definate handbag essential for winter 


Lush flamenco bubble wand 

An easy to use products that leaves your bath smelling nice. You run the water and then swirl the flamingo around the water to get bubbles! 

I lover all lushes bath products so I recommend giving them a try if you haven’t all ready! 


Collection eye brow kit in brunette

I’ve never used an eyebrow kit before so wanted to start off with something in expensive.

It does a good job and I use it every day. 

I would recommend! Especially if you’ve never used any eyebrow products before.

Hoped you liked this post! Let me know if you want any more information on these products X

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