2016- The year of me.

2016 is going to be a big year for me; I turn 21, I have my driving test and I finish university. 

I’ve spent the last few days freaking out about how hard 2016 is going to be and where I’ll be at the end of it, I still have no idea what I want to do.

So instead off wallowing in self despair and crying about how hopeless my life is, I thought I’d try and make 2016 my year.

Time to put the awkward and embarrasing situations of 2015 behind me and embrace the year of me.

My New Years reslolutions 

I will be spending New Years working, but as I serve the drunken people partying their way into the New Year I will be thinking about the resolutions I want to make.

  • Spend less money on food: I spend way to much on food and I need to start and save and plan meals more
  • Which brings me on the more stereotypical resolution of trying to eat healthier, and try new healthy recipes! 
  • Write four blog posts a month! My blog is something that prospective employers may look at so I want to try and publish more and make it more interesting to read! 
  • Watch less TV. I really do watch to much TV, there’s so much more I could be going and TV just stops me. I’m even watching now as I write this…. 
  • Read the game of thrones books. I have read the first one and want to read the rest so badly! So by the end of next year, I am determined to have done!

Let me know any interesting resolutions you have and have a happy New Year! X

Published by Jess

Hi and welcome to my blog. I graduated from uni a few years ago with a degree in journalism and I currently work full time in digital marketing. I have a passion for travel, photography and food!

4 thoughts on “2016- The year of me.

  1. Those are great resoloutions! I also hope to eat healthier and take up my first job, so as you said- building an interesting blog is important πŸ™‚ Feel free to check out mine x

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