I did something NEW

To join the New Year new me hype I did something different and maybe just a little crazy! Are you ready? 


It may not seem that crazy to some but I NEVER do anything to my hair. I’ve just used those wash in wash out dyes in the past and occasionally on Halloween I’ll use green hair spray, but that’s about it. And I got bored and needed something different and decided to go for it.

So I went from this



To this 

I’m still not sure if I like it.

I wanted a kind of ombré style hair but wanted the ends to be a light brown and not a dark blond like they turned out (it’s hard to tell with the Lightning of the photo). Also I think shade of brown I chose for the top part makes me look a little washed out.

I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll be used to it, if not I can always dye it back. 

But I am still impressed with myself that I actually went and did it. 

Any of you done anything new or different yet this year? X

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