Food blogger event : Revolucion De Cuba new menu launch

On Tuesday night I was invited along to a food blogger event at Revolucion De Cuba, a Cuban themed restaurant in Derby, to try some of their new menu.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted with a mojito, which I’m normally not a fan of, but these tasted really nice and sweet.


After that we had a cocktail master-class where the bartender Ben helped us make some cocktails.


They really do have a wide range of cocktails there, I chose to go for a simple but very tasty strawberry daiquri.

Here is a picture of me with it before I spilt it all over my white top*sigh* and my friends phones. They must love me so much.


We made a loooot of cocktails and they all looked and tasted amazing.



Next we got to try some of the dishes from their new menu and there was sooooo much food! We got to try a selection of tapas, main meals and deserts.


One of my favourite snacks is nachos and Revs De Cuba have really good nachos. They don’t come with cheese (although you could probably ask for some) but they make their own guacamole and salsa and it tastes AMAZING!!


If you ever go in and want something to snack on, I definitely recommend them!

Something else I was a big fan was the butternut squash.


It’s served with peppers, smoked chilli jam and a goats cheese and honey sauce. So much flavour.

Another veggie dish there was cauliflower wings. I’d never heard of this dish before and it was pretty good, a new take on cauliflower.


They were lightly fried in a mojito batter and served with a creamy goat’s cheese and honey sauce and a smoky tomato salsa. They tasted a little salty on the outside but the inside tasted as you’d expect…cauliflower.

Some other tapas dishes we got to try were pork and chorizo quesadillas


They may be small but they are very filling.

And albondigas (meatballs)


Roasted in a spicy plum sauce, I usually don’t like spicy food but these are pretty nice.

For the mains, we got to try four different types of burritos and a surf and turf burger. All the burritos were served with a cute little pot of nachos.



The burger was served with chips and garilic aioli (like a garlic mayo.) The burger tasted  very similar to big mac sauce, for you McDonalds lovers out there.

For dessert, there were two different choices:

Churro cheesecake (which unfortunately was eaten before I could take a photo) and Sweet nachos.


The sweet nachos were interesting. It was the same one’s they used for the main menu but were dusted in sugar and ginger, and served with fruit, mint and cream.

Both deserts were so good, and worth a taste if your not full from your mains.

I had such a fun night tasting all this dishes, drinking cocktails and talking to other bloggers.

The managers Dan and Micheala were so helpful and eager to answer all our questions.


Revolucion De Cuba is the kind of place were you can go for a night out, an evening meal or a lunch catch up with friends.

I strongly recommend a trip next time your in the city centre x




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