I visited an old abandoned house and it was scary

For part of my university coursework I have to write a lot of articles that all relate to each other. Sounds hard and confusing I know. So I started off looking at haunted pubs and derelict buildings and soon got onto the topic of abandoned places and urban exploring.

So today I visited an old abandoned house near where I live to see what it was like and take some photos.


The house is known as the old headmasters house as it’s near a school and years ago a headmaster lived there.

Now its all boarded up and rumored to be a place where people go to do drugs. Lovely.

I took my boyfriend and dog with me as back up and had a little walk around the place which is surrounded by overgrown thorn bushes, glass and graffiti.


It was kind of scary but interesting at the same time to see how the place has just been left.

It had some very interesting graffiti on the walls.


Yes that does say rape is fun. I started to get a bit worried at that point.

You could actually get inside the house as the door wasn’t bordered up but I didn’t want to get in trouble for tress passing and I was to scared to.


I definitely do not recommend going.


This was something new to me and in a weird way I found it kind of fun but I was so scared that someone was inside watching. I kind of saw the lid of  a spray paint can fall but I wasn’t looking where it came from so it could of been a bush or someone threw it from that window.

I left soon after that.

Hopefully I can get a good article about this for uni.

Please let me know if you have ever tried something like this (which I definitely recommend you don’t!) or if you’ve ever walked past a creepy forgotten building that scares you, it would really help me with my coursework.

Byeeee x

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