Derby is full of such random places – The Great Northern Railway Warehouse

My last post on here was about an old headmasters house I went to look at for part of my university coursework and this post is similar.

I’m currently based in Derby so thought I would try and look for some old buildings I could photograph.

I noticed a factory near the big roundabout that leads to town so today I grabbed a rucksack and hoodie and thought I would try and get a closer look.


What I discovered is that not only could I get closer to it but also there are some public footpaths that lead right past its as its in a very open place.


I thought it would be all quiet and creepy but I saw several people walk past as I was taking photos.


The building look so old and was surrounded by graffiti and rubbish. I don’t think I would walk past here on my own.


There was a bit of a gap where I managed to have a little peer inside but all I could see was a drop and broken bits of floor and walls. I had to quickly move cause I almost got stuck.


It was really interesting to look round and to think I’ve been living about 10 minutes away from this factory for the past three years and never really noticed it. It was just by chance that I glanced in that direction the other week and wondered if I could use it for uni.


Im actually starting to enjoy looking at old derelict buildings now, once I stop shaking in fear and jumping at every little noise.

Bye for now x


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