Summer shopping haul

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had a brief few days of sunshine which has got me in  summer shopping mode.

I have a holiday and some camping trips coming up soon, so I thought I’d start shopping early.

I’m currently on the hunt for summer dresses to wear in the day, and I picked this one up from New Look

It’s such a nice material and hugs the figure. You would need a strapless bra (or no bra if your confident enough) to wear with. It’s slightly thickish as well so you could wear it on a summer evening.

I also go this dress from H&M

I wasn’t to sure about this dress at first, but it’s something different and has a 90s feel to it.

And this play suit from H&M

This is something that I would wear to the beach as it’s quite thin and easy to pull on and off.

Next I bought this now slightly creased top from Topshop

I am in love with the detail on the bottom! It was nice and neat before I shoved it a carrier bag and forgot to hang it up.

I also picked up this basic grey crop top

I thought this would like nice with a patterned skirt or some shorts.

And this top from H&M

I’m kinda loving animal prints at the minute

I also need bikinis as I currently have none that fit me, so I picked this one up from New Look


If you need to a new bikini I would definitely recommend buying one now!  Last year I struggled so much to get one as I left it a bit late and couldn’t find any that fit me properly. This year I’m being more organised.

Also from New Look I picked up these sandals


They’re so pretty and I don’t really have any smart summer shoes.

I’ve been needing a new bag for summer, so I got this rucksack from Accessorize

I thought this would be ideal for when I go on holiday or just to use in the day. It’s got three compartments so there’s plenty of storage.

Next I went into Victoria Secret and bought this travel perfume spray

I am literally in love with how small it is so I can easily carry it in my bag or hand luggage. They are usually £9 but currently on offer for £5 so now is the time to stock up!

I saw these on a sale at New Look and had to get them

And finally I got some little mermaid pants from Topshop

Topshop pants are the best.

Hope you liked this post, let me know if you want any more information on anything.

Bye for now x

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