A week away in Centre Parcs

I recently went away again and spent the week in Centre Parcs with some friends I went to school with.

I had never really been properly before so wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

This was the view from our lodge:

It’s a big place with lots of activities, beautiful lodges and lots of woodland walks.
I hired a bike for the week, which I defiantly reccomend, and got to bike everywhere. 

All the shops restaurants and activity places have areas where you can lock your bike up.
The lodge I stayed in one so nice and clean. There’s so much wildlife there, we kind of got attacked by a family of swan who decided to invade our barebecue.

I visited the spa and had the most amazing massage ever! The spa is currently undergoing a transformation an half of it was closed, so as an apology we got a £10 voucher to spend anywhere in Centre Parcs. I will definately be going once it’s finished as the changes sound amazing!

I only ate out one night at the American themed bar. It was busy and had a good atmosphere but I wasn’t a big fan. It’s great if you love burgers but I don’t so I didn’t really like the much if the menu. I also thought it was quite expensive for what it was but I guess that’s the kind of prices restaurants are in holiday resorts.

They have several different places where you can eat though so nest time I go I’ll have to try somehwere else!

As well as going to the spa, I also went to swimming pool which is massive, went on the pedlos and also played crazy golf.

 There were so many more activities I wanted to try but some of them were expensive and we ran out of time.
I had such an amazing, peaceful week and hope I get to return one day X 

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