Maybelline super stay 24 colour product review 

I have found my new favourite lipgloss.

I’ve always seen the Maybelline lipglosses in Boots but have never really bothered trying one, until now.

I needed a new lipgloss when I was out and didn’t want to spend to much so I picked up one in Absolute plum 340, and I was shocked. It actaully lasted all day.

Usually with dark lipsticks/glosses, I find that they bleed out into your skin or after a few hours they fade and your left looking like you’ve put on too much lip liner, but this one stays put.

It’s perfect for work as I can put it on at the start of a shift and don’t have to worry about topping it up or it smudging onto my teeth.

Here it is at the start of an eight our shift:

And here it is after:

I am honestly so shocked at how good it is! It lasts better then my red Mac lipstick which bleeds into my skin and smudges easier, and it’s cheaper!

You don’t get a lot in the little tube at the end but it does last a while. I’ve had mine for about a month and used it pretty much everyday and there’s still plenty left. 

One downside to this lipgloss is that it can make your lips feel a bit dry if you wear it constantly like I do , so I reccomend using a lip balm.

Also make sure follow the instructions on how to put it on or it can go a little weird and crusty. (Instructions are simple, an the colour then wait a minute for it to dry before putting on the white balm.)

So far I only the one colour,  but I will definitely be buying more x

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