Christmas Blogger Gift Swap

The weather is starting to get colder which means Christmas is coming!!!

I absolutely love Christmas and I’m already starting to plan lots of Christmas posts and activities.

I work a lot over Christmas so I don’t always get the chance to do all the things I want to, so this year I’m getting organised and starting early!

I’ve been looking for Christmas blogger things to get involved with over twitter recently and I stumbled across a Christmas blogger gift swap which is being organised by Viola from A Piece of Viola.

There is nothing I love more than buying Christmas presents for people (apart from maybe receiving them), so i signed up straight away!

It’s super easy to get involved:

You can sign up here  and then once you’ve received a confirmation email you need to write a post about the swap within five days. The deadline for signing up is the 1st of November I believe.

Then on the 5th November you will be matched up with another blogger who you must then send a present to by the 17th Decemeber. I think you can agree on a price if your not wanting to spend to much.

And finally you write a blog post about what you received, pictures included.

I really can’t wait to get started

Bye for now x


(One of my favourite Christmas photos from a few years ago)

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