The Blogger Beauty Box

I have always been interested in beauty subscription boxes but have never really given any a try.

I saw a few bloggers I follow on twitter talking about the Blogger Beauty Box so I decided to give one a go.



The Blogger Beauty Box was something set up last year by Vix Meldrew and is for bloggers.

It’s not a monthly subscription so you can just buy one when you want, although there are only a certain amount so you have to order them quick!


As I said, I’ve never ordered anything like this before so I was really excited to see what was inside:


Witch naturally clear micellar water 

I never tried micellar water before and I can’t wait to give this one by Witch a go. You can use it to take make-up off and I love products like that as I’m usually allergic to make up wipes (I have ridiculously sensitive skin)

I also really like the Witch brand, I can’t live without my Witch stick.



Shwarzkopf live colour refresher

I’ve never tried anything like this before but can’t wait to give it a go.

It’s a spray that you use in the shower and once you’ve shampooed your hair you spray it onto your hands then spread it into your hair and leave it for three minutes.

It’s supposed to refresh your colour and lasts up to 28 washes.



Spook & Siren bracelet

I’ve not heard of Spook & Siren before but they describe their product as ‘apparel and accessories for magical creatures masquerading as humans.’

This bracelet they made is so cute! It’s made out of pieces of fruit. So quirky.



Yope Soap

Yope is a Polish company that sells liquid soap based on natural products. It’s supposed to be gentle on your skin as well as clean them.

The packet I got smells really refreshing and zesty.



AproDerm Cream

I was a bit confused to what this was at first, as the leaflet it comes with has a picture of a baby on.

It’s a strong moisturiser which you can use on eczema, psoriasis and dry skin conditions. This is quite a useful product for me to have as I have ridiculously red dry skin around my nose which just won’t leave.

The leaflet says to use it three times a day so I’m going try that and hopefully it will work.



I am really impressed with my first ever beauty box buy. It had a range of products and I learned about some new brands. I definitely think I’ll be buying more.

Hope you liked this post, if you want anymore details on these products just ask.

Bye for now x


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