Should I do Blogmas? 

This year has been the year where I’ve really focused on my blog.

I’ve had it about two years now but it was always a side line and I’d go months without posting, but this year I’ve upped my game and I’ve loved it!

I’ve been to my first blogger meet ups, met so many other bloggers and wrote so many blog posts.

So why not carry that on and attempt blogmas?

I really want to and I love Christmas sooooo much! But unfortunately I work in a bar which means I’ll be working crazy hours on the lead up to Christmas.

But doing Blogmas could be a nice distraction from the stressful shifts I’ll be working and help me do all the Christmassy things that I want to. (Last Christmas I was working and had uni coursework, was not fun)

So I’ve decided to try and attempt Blogmas this year but I’m not going to be too hard on myself if I miss the odd day.

Better get planning, bye for now


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