Blogmas Day Seven- Decorating my flat for Christmas

Yeah I missed out Day six, blogmas is more time consuming than I thought, but I’m back with day seven!

This Christmas has been the first year where I’ve gone all out and bought loads of Christmas decorations🎄

In the past I’ve been in student halls/houses and they all were so disgusting that I didn’t see the point in decorating them.

Finally I have a nice flat and I really wanted to make it Christmassy.

I’m not exactly swimming in money at the minute so all the decorations you’ll see are either home made or on a budget.

I’ve had my little Christmas tree for years, along with the decorations, but I did buy a few new ones.

Yes I put a photo of my dog in one and I bought a dog decoration. I really like dogs 😂

These are from Marks and Spencer and they were on offer for three for two. I do love Marks and Spencer’s Christmas range but it can be a little expensive. 

A place that does cheaper Christmas decorations is The Range. If you’ve never been, they sell everything. Literally. From there, I bought these:

 From the left, a snowy Squirrel. I was trying to get woodland themed decorations this year so I ofcourse had to buy this. 

This door hanger decoration is so simple but adds an extra festive touch and I believe it was only a £1.

I love the shape and colours of these lights and they were about £4.

I also bought this Ivy which I think was about £3.99 and then wound some lights in between it which were £2.00

In my living room I currently I have a big storage shelf thing and I tried to make that look as festive as I could.

I added a few Christmas cards, some jars and I also tried to make my own Christmas scene out of a cereal box (which didn’t turn to well). I got the the deer and the wooden Christmas tree from Wilko. 

I also found some snowflakes ,which I bought last year from Asda,  and I threaded them through some string and hung them up.

On top of the shelves I put my squirrel, ivy, my vase (from Asda) and a house which I’m still in the process of painting.

I got the house from Paperchase for £3 and as you can probably see, it’s not going great so far.

I really wanted some nice festive bunting but a I couldn’t see any I liked, so I bought some decorations from Tesco ,for a couple of pound each, and made my own.

It looks pretty and took me five minutes to make.

And I also made a centre piece for my table.

The plate was £1 from Wilkos, the candle was also a £1 from Tesco and I picked the baby holly plant up from a Christmas market.

And finally, I think this may be one of my favourite decorations. One of my back walls was so plain and boring, I wanted something big to decorate it with so I bought a backdrop.

I orgjnally wanted a winter forest scene but they were a bit expensive and this one was £10 and I love it. I got it from eBay.

That’s about it for decorations in my flat. I did also decorate my room which I shall share with you in another post.

Hope your all having a nice December so far

Bye for now

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