Blogmas Day 14 – What it’s like working in a bar over Christmas

So blogmas didn’t quite work out how I wanted to this year but that is due to the fact I work in a bar and over Christmas and it’s hell.

For those who’ve never worked in a bar before I thought I would give you a little insight into what my life is like working in a bar over Christmas.

First of all expect your hours to shoot right up which is great because you’ll probably be skint and need money for Christmas presents, but that also means working very long hours sometimes without breaks.

Over this past weekend I worked a 13 hour shift followed by a 12 hour shift, then eight hour shift and 12 hour shift. It killed me just a little bit. But there’s not point moaning about it as there’s always someone working far longer shifts.

Second expect to survive of bags of crisps and chocolate. Most of the time the bar and the floor get so busy that you don’t have time to sit and eat a meal. So the alternative is to quickly shovel in a few crisps when there’s a bit of a lul in serving.

Thirdly, expect to have no sleep. This is a bit of exaggeration but kind of true at the same time. Some days I don’t get back from work till four in the morning and i’ll be back in ridiculous early.

Fourthly, expect to have to deal with very rude customers. I think this is the thing that bugs me the most. Some people can be so rude over Christmas.

They don’t quite comprehend that Christmas is a busy time and they will have to wait to be served and we are giving up our Christmas to work while they’re out celebrating.

And finally expect to miss out on Christmas Eve, boxing Day and New Years. Usually you get to have one of these days off but you don’t always get to choose which.

I am currently trying to battle to get Christmas Eve off because I like to spend it with my family and friends.

So this is why my blogmas has failed this year, maybe next year I’ll get there.

If you work in a bar or have a job where you work over Christmas I’d love to hear about it, we can share our pain together.

Hope everyone is having a nice December so far

Bye for now


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