Taking part in the Christmas blogger gift swap

A few posts a go, I spoke about how I joined in with the Christmas blogger gift swap organised by A piece of Viola.

It feels like sooo long ago when I joined up and to be honest I kind of forgot about it until I received an email telling me who I got paired up with.

My blogger gift swap partner was Ellen from Eclectic Ellen who is such a lovely person, and I love her blog to. 

We briefly sent a few emails over to each other (it was Christmas, a very busy time) before buying our gifts and sending them over.

We agreed on a £10 limit, and I went for the loads of little things approach. I forgot to take a picture of everything I bought for her but I’m sure she’ll be doing a post about that at some point. 

But I did take a picture of them all wrapped. 

I am in love with this wrapping paper.

From her I received three adorable note books, a pen and some fox socks 😊

To say she’s never met me before, she literally picked out the perfect gifts for me.

I had such a fun time joining in with the blogger gift swap, I hope it happens again next year. 

I love getting to know other bloggers and reading their posts. 

Thank you so much to Viola for organising.

Bye for now 


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