All my little worries 

I’ve got so many posts that I want to write lately but I’m struggling to find the time to sit down and plan them.

And I think lately it’s because I have A LOT of little worries going on in my head.

So I thought I’d try writing them in a post and sharing them with you to see if it will bring me some relief and maybe make me see that I shouldn’t be so worried.

My first big worry is about my job. I have recently been offered a new job at a much bigger place doing something I’ve never done before, and I’m absolutely terrfied! 

All the jobs I’ve had before I’ve worked with friends, but this will be completely new, a lot more challenging and I won’t know anyone. 

I’m so worried that I won’t be able to handle the work load, or I’ll screw up or no one will like me or I won’t know what I’m doing….

It’s quite a big step for me to take this job. I’ve been in my current job for three years so I know exactly what I’m doing and what’s going to happen each day. 

My new job is also a bit further away which brings me to my second worry, I have to buy a car.

I passed my test about two months ago but I’m not exactly the most confident driver. 

I also don’t really have a clue when it comes to cars, I pick them by colour not all the other details you should look at.

And I only have two weeks to buy a car as my new job is in the middle of  no where.

So not only do I have to buy a car, I also have to be confident enough to drive the journey to work each day.  What if I crash or forget how to drive? 

My third worry is money, which I’m sure is a common one for most people. 

Buying a new car is going to leave me a little broke and I have rent and bills to pay. My current job hasn’t really left me with a lot of money. 

These probably don’t seem like big worries, but they’re constantly going through my head. 

What if I hate my new job? I’m then left with a car I can’t afford. 

I guess I’m going to have to take a step forward at some point. 

Please feel free to share with me any worries you have, maybe it will help?

Bye for now 


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