The Notts Snizl event 

Last Monday I was kindly invited to a blogger event in Nottingham organised by Snizl.

The event consisted of checking out some of Nottinghams local run business’s.

I always forgot how big Nottingham actaully is and it’s such a surprise to discover new places there hidden away.

I unfortunately arrived to the event a little late and missed out on the first stop, but I got I there in time to hear a few make up tips from Cabella.

Cabella can be found on Bridlesmith Walk and they specialise in beauty and make up. They also offer make up classes for those wanting to learn more.

I causally arrived half way through their demonstration but the friendly staff from Snizl kindly handed me a glass of Prosecco and pointed me towards an empty chair.

The Cabella studio is so quirky and filled with cute bits of furniture the girls their have chosen.

We got to have a little wander round there before we headed off to the next place, Weavers Wines.

Now this place confused me at first as it looked like we were going into somebody’s house, but it’s actaully a place used for private wine tasting and parties. 


The guys at Weavers Wines gave us a little talk about what they are and an insight into Wines and gave us some to sample.

There was also some crackers to go along with it (I may have eaten five, sorry I was hungry).

We were the given a tour around the wine cellar and they had some giant champagne bottles, one was even worth £3,000. (I know right) One day I hope to earn enough money I could actaully afford that. 

They were even kind enough to give us all a bottle of wine. 

After that we led onto another place and up a scary looking alleyway to a hidden bar.

From the outside I could tell straight away that this was a quirky little bar that I would fall in love with.

400 rabbits is a tequila bar situated on Hurts Yard. If I’d never been taken to it, I never would have known it existed.

It’s such a cute little place with unique decor and friendly staff. And if you go upstairs they have board games and a football table (I won two matches one handed 😎). 

This place is defiantly on my list next time I do a Nottingham bar crawl.

This was the last stop on our little tour and it was getting quite late at this point so it was time for me to get back to Derby.

Snizl did such an amazing job organising this event and they even had goodie bags for us! 

If you don’t know what Snizl are, it’s and app that lets you know about local deals and events. 
Thanks for inviting me 

Bye for now 

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