An evening at MEXIco

On Thursday, Jay kindly invited me along to a blogger event at MEXIco in intu Derby, to celebrate National Margarita Day.

The night was a fun filled with so much food, and of course margaritas!!

When I arrived, on the table waiting for me were their delicious homemade nachos (may favourite kind).

I have little bit of an obsession with nachos and I keep a list in my head of the best places to get them from in Derby (yes I’m that sad), these are definitely making that list.


After eating way to many nachos,  the one and only Chef Jonny Hernandaz came out and introduced himself, and spoke us through all the food we’d be tasting.

First up to try was more nachos (yaaay) but this time with chicken tinga, beef, guacamole and cheese toppings. They were so filling for such small portions.

After that was something a little different: prawns marinated in citrus accompanied with avocado and thin crispy nacho strips. I’m usually a bit funny when it comes to eating prawns, i like them in a sandwich not as a dish, but I gave them a try.

I surprisingly really enjoyed them, the citrus juice gave them a nice flavour.

Next up were pork and chicken tostadas. I’d never tried tostadas before but I did really enjoy them.

To accompany all these dishes we were given different margaritas to try. One was their House Margarita which had spicy stuff around the rim of the glass. This was a good cocktail however I was not a fan of the spice.

The other was a Spicy Margarita with a grapefruit rim. I did not enjoy this margarita, definitely way to strong for me however the grapefruit aroundthe edge was nice and tasty.

There was also a few different shots of tequila going but I had to decline, nothing makes me shudder more than the thought of tequila shots. Bad memories.

Anyway, back to the food.

The last food dish was a stuffed beef and feta roasted pepper. Yes it looks a bit weird, but it tasted so good!!

I thought the night was going to be over then, but suddenly churros were bought before us, mmmm.

I love a good churro.

Then this was sadly the end of our time at MEXIco. I had such a wonderful and filling evening. The food there is just incredible and I am planning to go back and visit soon.

Thank you so much for the MEXIco team for organising the evening, and to Chef Johnny for being an amazing host.

Bye for now



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