My thoughts on the Pretty Little Liars Finale


For seven years I have watched the Pretty Little Liars and seen the girls grow, on Wednesday I saw this very long and winding series come to and end with a special episode.


Before I go into too much detail, here were my first initial thoughts:

  • What even is that accent Spencer?
  • How is Wren still in this?
  • What was Melissa doing?
  • What side is Mona actually on?

As the years have gone by, I’ve felt that initial hold PLL used to have on me slowly slip away.

I feel like the series should of ended on a high note a while ago or at least with a better ending than Spencer having a psycho evil twin.

Over the years the show has featured some very unrealistic and weird episodes, the whole thing with Caleb and Ravenswood was just plain strange.

giphy (10).gif

Nevertheless, the show has had some gripping story lines and plot twists that has kept me hooked for so long:

Mona revealed as ‘A’ I feel was one of the best points of the show, although it did take me a while to fully understand that she was A and had started the game, and then Cece Drake stole the game from her.

giphy (3)

The girls being kidnapped and taken to an underground bunker/ dollhouse where they discover the real name of ‘A’.

Charles actually being Cece Drake was a twist I was definitely not expecting, and I was shocked when A on the roof turned out to be her. The whole thing with Sarah Harvey I felt was a little strange.

giphy (1).gif

I was quite disappointed when Cece was killed at the beginning of the last season as I was hoping that I would finally get some answers to what had been going on for the past six years!

giphy (8)

When AD came on the scene I thought great, just as it was coming to an end they decide to torture us all over again.

That last season definitely dragged and I found it hard to keep watching as my interest started to fade, especially when Spencer and Caleb got together, just no. It was so wrong.

giphy (9)

Of course Ezra and Aria we’re always going to end up together, no surprises there.

And Emily and Alison together was just weird! I always thought Emily and Paige would end up together.

And where did Mary Drake come from? It’s been that long i don’t even remember. And she had twins ?! And one of the twins was evil and killed Wren?! What is this madness!

I’m going to have to mention Jenna here as well, I’m still confused if she was good or evil?

giphy (2)

The whole Alex Drake thing was just way too much for me.

I’d been watching all this time to just find out that AD was Spencer with a terrible accent? Why couldn’t it have been someone we knew, someone to make us go ‘No not them, why would they do that!’.

Sadly I was left disappointed.

I think I’m going to stop with my ramblings here before I get too worked up over the fact that I lovingly watched that show for seven years, SEVEN YEARS, and that’s the ending I get! Not impressed.

I was however amused with the whole Mona keeping Mary Drake and English Spencer captive, that was funny! But the last few minutes with those next generation PLL girls, why would you even do that! What was the point? They just did the same scene with new girls, why where they even in it in the first place!

Anyway, that’s all from me. What are your thoughts on the season finale? I’d love to hear them

Bye for now


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