A round up of my latest vlogs

A couple of months ago I started a YouTube channel and i’m starting to quite enjoy it.

The more I make, the better they get and it’s just something new for me to do.

I’d love to be able to do one every week but unforutnately I have limited access to editing software so I just have to do it when I can.

I’m currently aiming to do one every other week which seems to be working fine so far.

So here are a couple of my latest ones:

A week away in Dawlish

I made this vlog over a month ago when I was on holiday in Dawlish and it’s quite short compared to some of my newer ones.

I’m going away to Cornwall at the end of August and I will definitely be making a longer one as it’s absolutely beautiful around there.


Moving home, loosing my job and hotpod yoga

This next vlog was quite an emotional one for me, I started off the week on a postive note and then half way through it all went wrong.

Still, I chose an eventful week to film and focusing on my vlog actually helped me a little.


Alton Towers fun

And finally my latest vlog, the highlight of this was definitaly Alton Towers!

I actaully just love walking round there and listening to all the music playing, it’s just such a great place!

It is super expensive though.


That is all for my latest vlogs, maybe in my next ones I can choose a thumbnail where I don’t look like an absololote tit. 

Feel free to subscribe 🙂

Bye for now 

Bye for now Jess x


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