My UK holiday packing essentials and tips

I am off to Cornwall next week which I am so excited about!! However I always find packing a little bit of a struggle.

I love holidays in the UK but the weather situation is always hit and miss. It can be sunny in the morning and raining by the afternoon, not exactly easy to pack for.

So I have a few key items I always make sure I take:

-Leggings: These are perfect for days when it’s windy and cold, and they dry quick if it rains. They’re also comfy if we’re doing a lot of walking.

– Waterproof: You just gotta have one of these. I got mine off Boohoo a few years ago and it’s lasted me song long. I prefer thin one’s because they easily fit into my bag.

-Backpack: I take this everywhere with me when I go on holiday, I can’t go without it. This year I treated myself to a new one from Animal (the one in the picture at the top) and I can not wait to use it!

-Board Games: Perfect for rainy days. I always take Monoply, Scrabble and of course a pack of cards.

-Books: I usually take one or two books when I got on holiday abroad, but in the UK I tend to take 5-6. It’s probably not ideal space wise but if it’s raining and I’m bored I get into a book pretty quickly. Plus I hate the thought of watching TV on holiday, I do that all the time at home.

Long distance travel tips:

Cornwall from my house is usually about 6-8 hour drive, although sometimes it feels longer.

I always take in the car with me: A pillow, blanket, big bottle of water, mints and a plain snack like pretzals.

To travel in I usually wear my pyjamas if it’s night time or a massive top and leggings or joggers during the day, I cannot stand wearing jeans, shorts or anything like that.

To pass the time I download a few films on my ipad and watch them, unless I start to feel travel sick. Then I put in my head phones, listen to relaxing music and try to fall asleep.

That’s about it for my tips. I am so excited to got to Cornwall and I will also be doing a vlog whilst I’m there so make sure you look out for that 🙂

Bye for now


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