My September favourites

What a month September has been, I definitely spent way too much money but on the positive side that means I have some new favourites that I am dying  to share.

My beauty favourites:

Vanilla Pumpkin hand cream

Jay had been telling me all about the new Vanilla Pumpkin range that The Bodyshop had released, so when I went to the shop with her, I just had the get some. It smells just incredible.

It’s the perfect size to easily fit into your bag, I’ve been using it that much I’ve almost ran out.

I think I may need to stock up on some more as I get ridiculously dry hands in Autumn/Winter.

It’s also limited edition so get it soon if you want some.

Seaweed Clay Mask

I picked this up when I was at the Intu student night as I’m always looking out for new face masks to try.

Again, it’s from The Bodyshop (I’m really liking that shop lately). It was about £11, which is a little more than I would usually spend on a facemask, but my skins not been great lately so I’m looking to try some new products.

I’ve been using it about twice a week,and my skin seems to be doing okay so far.

It’s my go to product when I want to have a relaxing pamper night.

Garnier Strength restorer hair mask

I’ve bleached the ends of my hair a few times over the past few years so they’re not exactly in the best condition.

I saw that boots had a 3-4-2 offer on hair products so I picked up a few to try. One of which I chose is this hair mask from Garniers’ The Strength Restorer collection.

I am in love with it! It not only leaves my hair smelling amazing but I can notice a different in the way it feels to.

I did buy the condiditioner to but I only really notice a difference when I use the hair mask as well.

I really hope Boots still have this offer on as I want try some other products from their collection.

Boost colour enhancing lip balm

I got this product in my September Birchbox and I’ve used it every day since. It’s a great lip balm and it adds colour.

My lips always get dry in the colder weather so I’ve literally been smothering it on, I cannot stand dry lips.

The balm is supposed to adjust to the ph in your lips to give you a unique colour and mine comes out a little pinky.


Niomi Smart’s Chilli recipe

I’ve had Eat Smart for so long but only recently have I started trying some of the recipes.

One particular one I have fallen in love with is her chilli recipe. It’s pretty easy to make, tastes so good and is really healthy.

The first time I made it I went out and bought all the seasonings for it, as there were quite a few, and now I have them all so I just have to buy the fresh ingredients which makes it super cheap to make.

The recipe serves about four so if I have any left over it lasts for the next few days.

I do make add my own twists to the recipe, I serve it with rice as well as quinoa and cheese (I’m obsessed with cheese).

Black rucksack from New Look

I decided to include this in my favourites as I just love it so so much.

I call it my magic bag as it just fits everything in it. I use it for work, shopping and pretty much just anywhere else I go.

It’s got lots of compartments and just goes with pretty much everything.

It’s definitely going to be my bag for this Autumn.

I hope you liked this post, we are another month closer to Christmas woo!

Bye for now

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