A busy week and The Botanist opening

Last week was one of the most busy and tiring weeks I’ve had in a long time.

I decided to take on a temporary job alongside my normal job to try and get a little extra cash saved up for Christmas.

On the positive side I didn’t have many shifts at my usual job, on the negative side I had to get up at 5am 5AM! I have never been up at that time before unless I’ve been going on holiday.

Not only did I have to get up at 5am, I then had to walk in the dark to my temporary job which began at 6am until 2pm.

The job itself wasn’t that hard, but the lack of sleep really started to hit me.

I had my first official shift on Monday, after working my other job the night before so I hadn’t got the full nights sleep I would have liked.

After finishing, I was so tired so I made some tea, took Ted for a walk and caught up with Corrie and Eastenders.

Getting up Tuesday was still a bit of a struggle but I powered through. After work I got changed, grabbed a snack and headed off to Notts to meet Jay. She had been invited to a preview night at The Botanist in West Bridgeford and was bringing me along as her plus one.

The Botanist is a chain with venues up and down the country, but this one in Nottingham was the first I’d ever visited.

The decor inside was absolutely beautiful. It was different and unique, with a hint of quirky- my favourite kind of place.

The most incredible chandelier hung from the ceiling, trinkets scattered the walls, all fitting in with the botanical vibe they were going for.

Even the toilets were stunning, I was in awe of the place and couldn’t wait to try the food, and the cocktails. The Botanist prouds itself with a selection of botanical themed cocktails which they describe as ‘soon to be world famous’.

The first cocktail I chose for the evening was the Pear and Kiwi Cup which came served in a tea pot, accompanied with a matching mug and it was smoking! I had my first ever smoking cocktail and I loved it.

For my starter I shared a Camembert with Jay which was bursting with flavour and gooey in all the right places.

I chose a second cocktail whilst I waited for my main which was the Peach and Apple Pot, another smoking cocktail (literally). It was so sweet and tasty, and came in an actual plant pot. It was adorable.

For mains, I decided to try and be healthy and opted for the Tenderstem Broccoli, Beetroot and Avocado Salad.

Again, there was so much flavour and it was huge. The only negative I had is that it had fennel in it, which I didn’t realise, and I’m not a huge fennel fan. Still, the rest was crisp and refreshing.

Now for the dessert, this has got to be one of the most amazing desserts I have ever tasted: white chocolate and peanut butter moose topped with a ginger nut crumble, served in a trowel. I will be visiting The Botanist again because I HAVE eat this once more, it was in incredible.

Me and Jay then had to do a quick dash for the bus as it was almost nine and we had another bus to catch at half past.

I would have loved to have stayed at The Botanist longer but we both had to be up early for work the next day.

I ended up getting home about half 10 and went straight to bed.

Wednesday morning was an even bigger struggle to wake up, I was so so tired and had to force myself out of bed

Luckily at about 1.00pm I was told by my temporay job that I was no longer needed, which I was so ecstatic about as I needed to sleep.

I spent the evening lying around, catching up with a bit of blogging and watching Doc Martin (I love that program).

Sleep took over me on Thursday so I spent the afternoon wathching TV and catching up on washing before I had to head out to my actual job at 4.

Luckily I had the weekend booked off so I met up with some friends Friday night for a much needed drink.

Saturday I was up early and drove to Derby to meet one of my friends. Then we took a train to Walsall for our best friends baby shower (she’s due in 4 weeks eek!)

Then I made my way over to Nottingham where I was meeting my family so we could all go to the Goose Fair together.

This has sort of been a tradition of ours for a long time but I had to skip the past few years because of work and uni.

As always, the Goose Fair was absoloutly packed which I would usually hate but I think it just adds to the atmosphere.

I always forget how huge this fair is, there are so many rides and even more places selling burgers and hotdogs. If you live near Nottingham, its definately worth a visit. (Even if you do get squished on the tram)

I’m not a lover of big crazy rides so I played it safe and went on one called The Mexican Wave and another where you had to sit on a bull.

I’m so glad this week has been a lot more calmer.

I also did a vlog of last week which you can see here.

Hope you liked this post, bye for now

Copy of Copy of Jess x (2)


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