My New Years Resolutions

I can’t believe I’m sitting down to write this post already. I know everyone says it but it’s true, the year has gone by far to quickly.

I feel like I wasted so much time in 2017 and I have 100% decided that 2018 is going to be my year. I’m going to pull myself together, get a new job or at least figure out what I want to do with life.

And to kick off my amazing 2018, here are my amazing resolutions:

1) Have a cleaner and healthier lifestyle

I’ve got to have some kind of fitness goal on here and I am determined to keep this one as long as possible!

I’ve been reading Eat Smart by Niomi Smart and Ready Set Glow by Madeline Shaw and they have opened me up to new ways to be healthy. I find that when I eat better I not only feel better in myself but also I have so much more energy and I want to keep that feeling for as long as possible.

I’ve also been following a lot of fitness bloggers on Instagram so I’ve got some new workouts to try when I hit the gym.


2) Watch less TV

I’ve got myself into a very bad habit of putting Netflix on whenever I’m doing something and it takes me double the amount of time as I get distracted very easily. Even when I’m writing a blog post, I put an episode of something on and an hour later I’ve wrote two words.

I feel like if I cut down I’d get so much more done, so I’m going to swap the Netflix for Spotify and get more stuff done! (until I get distracted by all the songs and start singing)

3) Think more positively and try not to stress

I’ve been working a lot of stressful shifts over Christmas and the way I’ve got through it is to just think positive. The minute I even start stress I just tell myself not to, take a deep breath and try and be calmer.

I hate being stressed and I used to get myself in a worked up to a state that just didn’t feel good. So I’m ditching the bad vibes and trying to have a more positive attitude to everything.


4) Try and make some life plans

As I’ve already said, I am determined to make 2018 my year and to do that I need to make some life plans.

I need to decide what career path I want to go down and either go back to uni and do a masters, or get a portfolio together and do some volunteer week. I’m not going to let the days drift by like I did this year.

Here’s to a better year!

Happy 2018 everyone

Copy of Copy of Jess x (3)

Published by Jess

Hi and welcome to my blog. I graduated from uni a few years ago with a degree in journalism and I currently work full time in digital marketing. I have a passion for travel, photography and food!

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