My Highs and Lows 2017

2017 has really been one roller coaster of a year for me. It’s been stressful, confusing and I’ve not really felt motivated to do much.

However it’s not been all bad and as I look back I realise I did make some good memories. So I thought I’d write a post on my highs and lows of 2017 to show myself more than anything that it wasn’t all bad.

Let’s get the negative stuff out the way first and start with my lows of 2017:

  • I lost my job which wasn’t really my fault. There was a lot of shift around in management and my manager was made redundant with me shortly following behind.
  • I had to move back home with my family away from my little flat I used to share.
  • My two bestfriends both had to move back home also. We were so used to seeing each other pretty much everyday and I miss them both like crazy
  • I’m not as financially stable as I hoped I would be by now.
  • My guinea pig Sheldon died, it was so sad.
  •  I spent the last half of the year a bit sad and unsure what I’m going to next.

Phew that’s over, lets not dwell on the lows too much and instead think more positively and look at the highs.

  • I got my first car and my driving confidence has improved drastically
  • My friends took me on a surprise trip to Cardiff for my birthday
  • I got a new job (I did loose it a few months later but at least I had it for a while so I’m counting it as a high as well)
  • I spent Spring going on some cool adventures and exploring abandoned stuff, which I plan on doing a lot more in 2018.
  • I went along to a lot more blogger events, I think Hot Pod Yoga would have to have be my favourite
  • I went on some fun family holidays to Magaluf (yes I went there with my parents), Dawlish, Cornwall and I just went to Alton Towers for the night as well.


2017 really was a hard year for me and I am glad it’s over and I can move on. I am going to make sure that 2018 is my year and enjoy every moment of it.

Here’s to the best year ever!

Bye for now

Copy of Copy of Jess x (3)


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