My Favourite Places to Visit in Cornwall

All this cold and rainy weather has got me dreaming of long summer days in my most favourite place, Cornwall.

I’ve been going there on holiday since I was a baby and no matter how many times I go, I could never get bored.

I’ve stayed in many different places over the years and seen the most beautiful views, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite destinations:

Sennen Cove

I’ve been going to Sennen for years. It’s one of the more quieter places in Cornwall and quite secluded. It’s not too far away from Lands End and you can walk there from the main beach (It’s quite a long walk though)

I have friends that stay down there every year and I don’t blame them, there’s hardly any wifi and you have to walk up a hill to get a decent phone signal so it’s the perfect place to really unwind.

It can get a little busy during tourist season, but it’s not very commercialised compared to other places in Cornwall and it’s great for surfing.


Porthcurno and the Minack theatre

Not too far away from Sennen is a lovely beach called Porthcurno and situated on the hills next to that is the Minack theatre.

I spent many long days on that beach when I was younger playing beach games and having barbecues. It’s not the biggest of beaches but again it’s secluded and very pretty.

Getting down to the beach is a bit of a trek so I’d recommend travelling light.

The sea there get’s deep quite quickly and the waves aren’t great, so it’s not the kind of place you can go surfing.

There’s a cliff you can walk up on the side of the beach which takes you to the Minack, a big open outdoor theatre with an incredible view. It is worth seeing a play there if you’re around long enough, it’s something completely different to experience. I’d recommend taking a big blanket and lots of snacks if you do.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

After seeing loads of pictures of this on pinterest, I finally visited this place last year.

Think The Secret Garden meets Jurassic Parks, it feels like you are stepping into another world!

Sadly, I got the good old English rainy weather whilst I was there so I didn’t quite get the beautiful photos I envisioned, and there were bits of the gardens I had to miss out as the rain just would stop.

I did get to walk across the rope bridge though which was cool and I am determined to come back again, hopefully when the weathers nicer.

Kynance Cove

I think this might be the most beautiful place I’ve visited. I’ve sadly lost my pictures for it but I’ve found a few on pinterest so you can see just how breathtaking this place is.

It’s hidden down between rocks, and there are barely any waves. It’s another secluded and tranquil place.

However you do have to work a little to see this stunning view as the walk down there is long and uneven if I remember correctly, so again make sure you pack light if you visit and wear decent footwear.


Perranporth is a bit more touristy and busier place than the others, but it does have a lovely big beach that has a bar on it and dogs are allowed!

My favourite thing about this beach is that it’s full of caves which are prefect and slightly spooky to explore.

It also has a natural small swimming pool hidden in some rocks, but I’d recommend getting up very early (tide allowing) to see this as this beach does get very busy.

I stayed near here last year and my dog Teddy absolutely loved it.


I used to stay here when I was very young and I couldn’t quite remember it, so we stopped off here on our way home last year.

It’s full of so many witchcraft kind of shops as there is the legend of Merlin there (which I don’t really know anything about and should probably read up on it).

Tintagel castle is in ruins but you can visit for a price, we didn’t do this and just decided to walk near it and down to the little beach where Merlins Cave is. The views there are gorgeous, the sea was literally sparkling when I visited.

I definitely want to come back here again this year.


Finally on my list is St.Ives. This place is probably the most touristy on here, and it gets VERY busy over the summer period, but it’s a nice place to visit for the day.

It’s got beautiful beaches, cute little shops to walk around and little cafes selling delicious Cornish pasties and pizzas. It also has a cinema that’s so old it’s like stepping back in time a few years.

Despite the busy hustle and bustle that comes with this place, you’ve got to visit it at least once.

Just watch out for the seagulls, they are so vicious there!


Despite going here for years, I still have so many more places I want to visit in Cornwall.

I’m already planning another trip down there this summer which I am beyond excited for, I honestly love this place so much.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, if you’ve got any favourite places in Cornwall I’d love to hear them!

Bye for now

Jess x

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