An evening at Las Iguanas Nottingham

Eating out for me has become a bit of a drag. I can’t afford to eat out anywhere too fancy so I end up going to the same places which soon gets boring.

I was so excited when I received an email from Las Iguanas Nottingham inviting me along to their VIP event to try their new menu, finally somewhere different.

If you’ve never heard of Las Iguanas before its a chain of restaurants that serve Latin American cuisine, I briefly visited the Derby site whilst I was at university but that was a couple of years ago and I hadn’t really been since.

The place was bursting with energy when I arrived last Wednesday taking Jay along as my plus one. There were a lot of tables already filled up and they even had dancers walking around the place, top points for effort.

Choosing a cocktail was a difficult task, there were just so many! I eventually decided on one of their new cocktails, It Takes Two: Absolut vodka, peach, elderflower, cranberry, lime and served in the most adorable cup.

Their cocktails are 2-4-1 all day every day as well so I will definitely be making a few more trips for that.

Deciding what to eat was much harder, I never realised how big there menu is. They have dishes from all over the place and they have some great vegetarian choices to, there’s something for everyone.

I was struggling to choose between the Cauliflower and Corn Quinotto and the Moqueca De Palmitos, in the end I went for the Moqueca De Palmitos which is a butternut squash and spinach coconut creamy curry with charred red peppers and garlic, served with spring onion rice and sweet plantain.

Whilst we waited for our food to arrive we had a quick cocktail master class and made a Caipirinha, a slightly strong but sweet cocktail.

I was so excited when the food finally arrived, I love trying new dishes so much.

The food was full with flavour and just the right portion size. I’d never tried plantain before and they were so nice and sweet, definitely complimented the dish. It came with coconut forafa to sprinkle over the food as well which added another sweet kick.

For dessert I went for churros, my all time favourite, and chose a dulce de leche sauce to accompany it. My mouth’s watering now just writing about them.


To end the night I had one final cocktail, an espresso martini the best cocktail ever and Las Iguanas made it to perfection.

I had to leave soon after as I had a bus to catch but I had such a lovely evening. The food was yummy, the atmosphere was alive and the staff were so friendly.

I will definitely be retuning again soon.

A massive thanks to Las Iguanas for inviting me!

Bye for now

Jess x


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