My top tips for gym motivation

Me and the gym have had an on and off relationship for the past few years now. I’d start going then get bored, or I would tell myself excuses as to why I couldn’t go.

Now I’m more keen than ever to get to the gym and so far I’m doing really well. I’ve been with my current gym since last October and although things went a bit awry in December i’ve made up for that by giving it my all in the new year.

I still do have to force myself to go sometimes, just this Friday I got home from work sat down and almost, almost got comfy for the night but I made myself get up, get down there and I felt a lot better for it.

Here are a few things which I find really motivate me into going to the gym:

Find some new work outs to try: I’ve been following  Stefanie Williams  and Krissy Cela on Instagram and they post some really great workouts. I save my favourite ones and then give them a try next time I’m in.

Download something to watch: I used to struggle doing more than 5-10 mins on a treadmill or a cross trainer, simply because I’d just get bored. Now I just watch something I’ve missed on TV or catch up on YouTube and before I know it, 20 minutes have flown by.

Get organised and plan when you’re going to go: As soon as I’ve got my rota from work I plan when I’m going to go in the week, that way when the time comes I can’t come up with excuses as I’ve planned that time specifically for the gym.

Find a friend to go with: It’s nice to go to the gym with someone else, you can just push each that little bit further, and it’s nice to have someone to talk. Currently I go with my sister.

Treat yourself to some new gym gear: I always get really excited to go to the gym when I’ve just bought a new top or some workout leggings. I know gym wear can get a little pricey so I usually shop at Matalan or TK Maxx, they have some great bargains and the quality is still good.

Plan something healthy to eat before/after: It helps me knowing that I’ve got a healthy meal to come back to and that I’ve not just worked out for no reason. Or if I’m going after eating, what better way to give you energy than some fresh fruit and veggies.

Plan your work outs: This is something I’ve only just started to try, but I’ve been trying to plan set workouts to target different parts of my body, that way each time I go its a little different and things don’t get to repetitive. The gym I go to is quite small so I sometimes have to change things about if machines and areas aren’t free which can be a pain.

Get up and just go: If I want to have a really productive day, I’ll set an early alarm, throw on some gym clothes and just go. When I get home I feel fresh from a morning work out and motivated to get loads of jobs done.

I hope this helps motivate you to going to the gym. It’s easy just to sink into the sofa after a long day at work and loose all motivation, but give yourself a big kick and get on down there.

If you have any other tips I’d love to hear them!

Bye for now


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