JoJo Moyes Still Me Book Review

After reading Me Before You and After You, I  was thrilled to be propelled into Louisa’s world once more with the latest book in the series, Still Me.

*Warning spoilers*

The book follows on from where we were last left off, Louisa has taken a job in New York with a rich family, leaving her boyfriend Sam behind at home who’s just recovered from his injury.

Throughout the book there are references to Will which is nice to see that even though he’s not there, he still is a vital part of Louisa’s life.

We get to catch up with all the other characters from the previous books and find out what they are up to now.

I especially loved the twist with her sister Treena, I was not expecting that!

One thing that confused me early on in the book was Louisa’s job. From the last book, I was under the impression that she would be working in a similar type situation that she was with the Traynors, but actually it was quite different.

She’s kind of a PA for a woman, Agnes, who’s married to a very wealthy man and she’s trying to adapt into his world. Louisa becomes an almost friend to Agnes as she struggles to deal with women of high society.

The book hints that Agnes has some issues but nothing is ever confirmed.

Things with Louisa’s job don’t work out, then her love life starts to spiral and Louisa finds herself lost and on her own in New York.

Up to this point I felt quite gripped with the story. Agnes is an interesting character with deep secrets, and when things get serious, she shows her true colours and hangs people out to dry.

The second half of the book just didn’t have the mystery that the first half of the book had.When things start to go wrong for Louisa I found it obvious what was going to happen next.

She previously met a guy called Josh, who happened to look just like Will.  It was a nice plot twist to have in the book but it was evident that something would happen between them.

Then the elderly neighbour Margot just happened to need someone to look after her just after Louisa looses her job and has nowhere to go. Then Louisa manages to reunite Margot with her son after years of not speaking.

It was nice for that to happen to Margot but it just felt a bit happy go lucky to me. The story line could have gone in another direction to it give more edge.

The ending is nice, things work out for Louisa and she finally gets to pursue a career that involves her passion for clothes.

Overall I did enjoy reading this book but it didn’t have the magic that the first book had. Still it was a good read, and I loved being thrown into that world once more.

If your looking for summer read I say it’s worth a shot.

If you’ve read Still Me, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Bye for now


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