Updating My Summer Wardrobe

I recently went on holiday to Mallorca which I used as an excuse to start updating my summer wardrobe!

The weather over there isn’t scorching this time of year so I didn’t go to crazy and just picked up a few staple pieces.

One thing my summer wardrobe seriously lacks in at the minute is pretty summer dresses, so I had a browse on ASOS and finally decided on this little ice cream number. I don’t think you can get a more summery print.

Whilst shopping in TK Maxx one day I found this strapless checked dress. I wasn’t to sure about it at first but I tried it on and I quite liked it. It’s different to the dresses I’d usually go for and it’s great as a day time or evening wear.

This playsuit I bought towards the end of last year in the sales and it’s just been waiting to go on holiday. It’s from TopShop and I just fell in love with the vibrant print.

From Primark I picked up this stripey crop top. It’s got a nice mix of colours and covers up my shoulders, which I usually burn.

Also from Primark I bought these loose leg trousers. I want to get a brightly coloured top to wear with them but for my holiday I just wore this grey bodysuit as it was a little chilly.

I wanted a new bikini to take on holiday with me so I bought this one from New Look. It was a little more than I’d usually spend but I liked the style and the print and I’ll wear it loads over the summer (providing we actually get some decent weather)

And finally my most favourite item, this long length floral print dress. I am just in love with it! I bought it from TK Maxx although it is Missguided and it was also an absolute bargain.


I did have to sew the chest and thigh split up a little as it way to revealing but I am very pleased with how it turned out!

That’s it for my summer buys so far, I hoped you liked this post!

Bye for now


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