What To Do On A Rainy Day In Lincoln

I have not been to Lincoln in years and when my sister told me she was heading over there for a university open day, I jumped at the chance to go with her.

I had lovely visions of me walking round the cobbled streets and exploring the castle but unfortunately it rained all day. Not just a drizzle, a full on shower and it didn’t stop once.

So instead I spent the day dashing in and out of  various shops and bars, and I discovered some really nice ones along the way.

Now Lincoln isn’t really a shopping destination. It’s got your New Look and Top Shop but  they’re not huge or have a great range.

If you wander out of the main shopping area and up towards the big hill you’ll be met with cobbled streets, some great bars and little shops tucked away.

My favourite shop by far has to be a secret little Harry Potter shop I stumbled upon. From the outside it looks just like your average charity shop with a little Harry Potter merch on display in the window, but step inside and you will discover  a wonder of Harry Potter, a little game of thrones and lots of vintage trinkets.

Across from this is The Cardinals Hat, a beautiful bar with an amazing range of gins, it’s not to expensive either. Think vintage and cosy vibes, we sat here for a while just watching the rain.

Food wise, it’s not got a wide range but drinks wise it has loads! I chose the Edinburgh Vanilla and Plum gin which tasted just like Christmas.

Walk further on up the cobbled street and you’ll find vintage shops, gift emporiums and Goodies Of Lincoln, a traditional sweet shop. Stepping in here was like stepping back in time. It was tiny and filled with so many sweets, perfect.

Even further up is a second hand book shop which I had looked up online beforehand and was desperate to go in, but unfortunately it’s closed on Sundays. I will be back to visit though!

I’d started to get cold and fed up of the rain by this point so decided it was time for a drink. Luckily there was a bar round this area called The Strait and Narrow, recommended by friend Jay.

It has an excellent cocktail menu with drinks themed around movies and a great range of draft beer, including a peach flavored lager which was actually really nice.

I just went simple and went for a classic Espresso Martini, my favourite!

Sadly my day in Lincoln had come to an end although I was kind of glad to get in the car with the heater on full.

I really want to come back around Christmas to visit the market, hopefully when its not raining!

Bye for now

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