What To Expect At The London Secret Cinema Experience | Stranger Things Theme

Suzy, do you copy?

It’s weird to think that at the beginning of this year I was travelling around as normal. I went on a spa weekend, visited Cambridge and even travelled all the way to London for the Stranger Things Secret Cinema Experience.

*Warning Spoilers*

I’m going to give in depth description of what happened during the event and any tips. I assume most of the events run similar so leave now if you want the element of surprise!

When my boyfriend booked the tickets for us we had no idea what to expect. We saw a trailer about a Stranger Things event in London and immediately booked tickets without researching properly. Tickets were priced around £50/£60 each, not cheap I know, but we both have a massive love for Stranger Things.

In the months leading up to the event we were sent an email with details on how to create an online profile. From this we were given a character identity and dress code. (We were both rockers).

We also had to select a time time slot. I didn’t understand what this was for as the website provides little information. As London was quite a distance from us both, we chose a later time. However, I do regret doing this. If you want to make the most of the experience, choose the earliest time you can!

The website recommends you take a pen and paper with you has there is a mystery to solve.

The Stranger Things Secret Cinema Experience

The day of the event finally arrived and I spent around three/four hours in total travelling. From the tube station there were people holding up signs directing us towards the venue.

We showed our tickets to the security then we moved onto the locker room. A member of the team gave us a black pouch each in which you HAD to put your mobile phone, only they could unlock it. I found this exciting as it is very rare I do anything without my phone.

You could either keep this pouch on you or put it in a locker with your belongings. TIP: Only leave stuff in the lockers you do not need. I accidentally left my notebook in there and you’re not allowed back in to get them until after the event is finished.

Entering the event was like stepping back in time to the 80s. The amount of effort that had been put into the set design was incredible. It was like the Star Court Mall, vibrant colours and absolutely everyone was dressed up. I was itching to take photos but sadly you are not allowed.

We were met by a team representative who gave us our first clue, look for the clown and ask him about the bear attack.

As we we’d been travelling all morning, we were starving by this point and decided to have food first. There were tons of food outlets selling different things. Food and drink prices weren’t cheap. I paid £8 for a large slice of pizza (it was delicious though).

I even had an ice cream from a real Scoops Ahoy, it was just like being in the Stranger Things series! There was a bar selling retro cocktails and a club with an actual dance-floor.

There was so much going off at the event, it was confusing knowing what you had to do. Actors dressed up as characters from the series kept popping up and acting out different scenes.

We spent ages trying to find him and kept getting distracted by all the music and little things that were going off.

By the time we did manage to find the clown time was running out. I got a little sad at this point. I’d been travelling all morning, spent a lot of money on tickets and I wasn’t getting the full experience I hoped.

Stranger Things Secret Cinema London
Stranger Things Secret Cinema London

Travelling To The Upside Down World

We had grouped together in the main room that was set up like a carnival (just like in the latest series). Some parts of the series were acted out and then everything when dark, cold and white fluff was floating in the air. It was just like being in the upside down world. Doors opened and everyone began filing out.

I thought this was the end, but it wasn’t. We’d been herded into an old looking warehouse and an actor dressed as Billy stood watching over us all. This was slightly creepy but cool at the same time.

Then above us, all around the warehouse, the main scenes were acted out from all three of the series. The effect was pretty astonishing, especially when a girl dressed as 11 was hoisted into the air.

We were stood for quite a while in this room, I could feel my legs starting to ache but it was worth it. The experience was one of a kind.

The event ended with Suzy and Dustin singing Never Ending Story, which everyone of course joined in!

And with that, it was all over.

I’m so glad I booked tickets to the event and would 100% go to another Secret Cinema Experience (especially if they do a Game of Thrones or Harry Potter theme). My only wish was that I had booked an earlier time slot and there was something inside telling you all the things that were happening during the event as I felt I missed out on some stuff.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, ask away!

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