My Autumn Essentials

Autumn is one of my all time favourite seasons as it means dark lips, burgundy clothes and cosy nights in bed. To celebrate the arrival of this season I thought I’d do a blog post about my essential items for Autumn. First of all is the make-up. It’s not Autumn until I’m wearing my MacContinue reading “My Autumn Essentials”

September Beauty Buys

I’m forever buying and trying new beauty products so I thought I’d share and rate the ones I bought during September!     Strawberry body mist from bodyshop  It’s a good perfumed spray which I use throughout the day to keep myself smelling nice and fruity! The only downside is that it’s a glass bottle soContinue reading “September Beauty Buys”

Mini beauty haul

I haven’t been shopping in ageeeees because of uni and work but I managed to sneak in a quick trip to boots.  I didn’t want to spend much so limited myself to £20, here is what I got: 1) Nivea mouisturising cream The skin on my arms has been feeling really dry and scented moisturisesContinue reading “Mini beauty haul”