Five Books You Need To Read This Summer 2020

Sitting on a beach with the sun beating down and a book in my hand is one of my favourite ways to spend a holiday. However, getting to a beach this year is starting to look less likely. Lock down has made me discover a lot of things, most importantly how much I love andContinue reading “Five Books You Need To Read This Summer 2020”

The Ultimate Edinburgh Harry Potter Itinerary

Towards the end of last year I went on a long weekend break to Edinburgh, a place I’ve been dying to visit for ages mainly because of its Harry Potter connections. I did as any true Harry Potter fan would and hunted out all the wizarding hot spots on Pinterest and tried to cram asContinue reading “The Ultimate Edinburgh Harry Potter Itinerary”

A Very Merry Harry Potter Christmas

I’m sad to say as I write this, that Christmas is officially over. The decorations are down, chocolate almost eaten and it’s back to work and reality. This year for Christmas I scored big time with the Harry Potter swag, I guess that’s what happens when people just know me far too well! So whatContinue reading “A Very Merry Harry Potter Christmas”

Early Festive Fun at the Cosy Club Derby

It may only be October but the festive season is slowly creeping closer and nothing makes me happier than all the food and drink that comes with Christmas. I was beyond excited when the Cosy Club in Derby invited me along to try their Christmas menu, it’s never to early to start getting into theContinue reading “Early Festive Fun at the Cosy Club Derby”

What I Got Up To In June

How is it that another month has just flown by?! I’m not okay with this, the year needs to slow down and take a minute. Once again I started the month with a head full of blog posts to write and tons of inspiration, and once again I of course failed to put fingers toContinue reading “What I Got Up To In June”

JoJo Moyes Still Me Book Review

After reading Me Before You and After You, I  was thrilled to be propelled into Louisa’s world once more with the latest book in the series, Still Me. *Warning spoilers* The book follows on from where we were last left off, Louisa has taken a job in New York with a rich family, leaving herContinue reading “JoJo Moyes Still Me Book Review”

My top tips for gym motivation

Me and the gym have had an on and off relationship for the past few years now. I’d start going then get bored, or I would tell myself excuses as to why I couldn’t go. Now I’m more keen than ever to get to the gym and so far I’m doing really well. I’ve beenContinue reading “My top tips for gym motivation”

My February Highlights: Unicorn Sundaes, Aquariums And A Bloggers Brunch

Things are finally starting to get interesting! I had such a slow and boring January and didn’t really get up to much, but February definitely picked up and I had some really fun days. I attended my first blogging event of the year – Las Iguanas invited me along to try their new menu andContinue reading “My February Highlights: Unicorn Sundaes, Aquariums And A Bloggers Brunch”

20 Things I want to do this year

I’ve been meaning to write this post for so long but I just kept getting distracted, I’m finally sitting down and getting it done! At the beginning of this year I decided that 2018 is going to be the year for me. Whilst January was a bit slow and I didn’t do much, I’m determinedContinue reading “20 Things I want to do this year”