Trying Hotpod Yoga Derby

On Saturday I was invited along to the Hotpod Yoga Derby blogger event held in their new studio, just a little way out of the city centre

I was a complete newbie to Yoga, something I’ve been meaning to try, so I was more than excited to jump into the deep end and try hot pod yoga.

I turned up (a little late) on Saturday and was welcomed by Leah, the founder of Hotpod Yoga Derby,  who was leading our session. She talked us through what to expect and the benefits of Hotpod Yoga.

Stepping into the pod was like stepping into another place. It was dark, calming and peaceful, and I instantly felt so relaxed.

The pod itself is like a giant inflatable, plenty of space for classes.

I couldn’t wait to start.

Mats where already laid out on the floor so I just popped my towel down over one, ready to begin.

The pod does get very warm, I was sweating within minutes but who cares, you burn off more calories.

They also have a vaporiser in there which keeps everything smelling nicely, which I can assure you I was not.

We did several different poses, some harder than others but they all felt like I was doing a good work out.

As I say, this was something completely new to me but I picked up a few of the names, we did a vinyassa, a few different warriors , downward facing dog (I think that’s what it’s name was) and the tree pose.

I will admit, I was struggling with some of the positions, especially the crab that we did, but I loved it.

To finish the session, we had a few minutes of relaxation. It was so calming just lying there, listening to the peaceful music.

I’ve had so many stresses lately and they just completely melted away.

Leah came round and gave us all a quick head and shoulder massage which felt incredible after all that stretching.

I found my first Hotpod Yoga (and yoga) class just amazing, it was every little bit as good as I hoped.

After the class we all sat for minute cooling down on the table outside and Leah had a Prir drink and almond butter waiting for us.

Thank you so much Leah for inviting us, I loved it so much and I will definitely be returning!

I would definitely recommend trying Hotpod Yoga out, it makes exercising fun and something to look forward to.

They currently have a lot of classes going on and signing up is easy. You can simply do it online or they even have an app!

They also have an intro offer of £15 for three classes which lasts two weeks which I think is an absolute bargain. I will be signing up for this.

Their new venue is located in Perkins Yard on Mansfield Road, just out of the city centre and even has free parking.

Thank you again for inviting us

Bye for now


Jess x

My Health and Fitness goals

Lately, I’ve really been wanting to get in better shape and in general be a healthier person, especially since Summer is coming! So to help with my journey I thought I would come up with a plan and some goals that I am going to try my very best to follow.

And to make sure I stick to them I thought I’d write them in a post .


First up is my fitness plan

I am going to aim to use the a gym at least twice a week if I can. Whilst at the gym I’m going to do a range of cardio work outs and also some mat work.

For mat work outs I usually do a variety of exercises which included these:


And I also use exercises from Training with Tammy who is a fitness guru that made YouTube videos for a fitness channel. Here is a link to one of her videos:

Her videos are about eight years old but they have some really good exercises in them and I always use them.

If I have a crazy busy week and I don’t get chance to go to the gym, then I’m going to either do an exercise DVD or go on a few walks.


Along with my fitness plan I have a also have some health goals which I’m going to try my best to follow.

  • Drinking A LOT LESS alcohol. I don’t drink a lot when I drink but it’s how often I got out just for a ‘casual drink’ which I think is becoming a problem.
  • Cutting down on fizzy drinks
  • Make more smoothies.  I love smoothies but I haven’t made any since last year and I miss them. I need to look for some new recipes, which brings me onto my next goal
  • Learn new healthy recipes. I really need to broaden my cooking skills and branch out into some new directions. Any good recipes I find or create I will sure be sharing on here!
  • Have a nutritional breakfast every morning. My current breakfast consists of a bowl of curiously cinnamon which is not the most healthiest cereal out there. I’m going to try and find a healthy alternative to start each morning with.


Eventually once I’ve tried up a few new recipes, I want to make up some meal plans to try and stick to each week. Once I’ve got a few good one’s write up I shall be sure to share them on here.

And that is it so far for my health and fitness plan which I am so determined to stick to! I know it’s not been a really long post but I’m taking baby steps until I get to the level of health I want to be.

I find that when I do eat better and exercise I just feel so much better in myself an much more energy.

If you have any tips I would love to hear them!

Bye for now  Copy of Copy of Jess x


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