The East Midlands Blogger Meet Up

Before starting my blog I never realised how many bloggers there were in the East Midlands, and I luckily got the chance to meet some of them at the East Midlands Blogger Meet Up. The event was held in Leicester, somewhere I’ve never been before, so I got the train from Derby with my friendContinue reading “The East Midlands Blogger Meet Up”

I got to visit the incredible DISMALAND by Banksy

Today, I was lucky enough to visit Dismaland and it was amazing! Banksy and so many artists have have worked so hard in order to produce something that people will pay to see and is also an eye opening and life shocking experience. It really does highlight and shock people into seeing the real lifeContinue reading “I got to visit the incredible DISMALAND by Banksy”

Summer is coming

That’s right, Summer is coming!!! In a few months. But that doesn’t stop me from getting excited about it and more importantly buying stuff!!!! Here are a few things I have bought recently in preparation for summer! 1) Sunglasses I own so many pairs of sunglasses but I saw these in New Look and couldn’tContinue reading “Summer is coming”

My recent trip

Over the Easter Holidays I decided to have a break from coursework and student life, and take a trip down to my favourite place; Cornwall! I stayed in a town called Gwenapp near Falmouth which is a nice and quieter part of Cornwall. The place we stayed out was on farm and they had PygmyContinue reading “My recent trip”