JoJo Moyes Still Me Book Review

After reading Me Before You and After You, I  was thrilled to be propelled into Louisa’s world once more with the latest book in the series, Still Me. *Warning spoilers* The book follows on from where we were last left off, Louisa has taken a job in New York with a rich family, leaving herContinue reading “JoJo Moyes Still Me Book Review”

My favourite reads from this summer

I went on a couple of holidays this summer, which for me meant a lot of time lying on a beach reading a lot of books. Here are some of my favourites. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes This book contains all the emotions. I was shocked at how easy I was sucked into it.Continue reading “My favourite reads from this summer”

World Book Day!

Today is world book day! This was one of my favourite days when I was in primary school as you got to dress up as characters and read, two of my most favourite things! I remember one year my mum made me a Robin Hood costume. I was cool back then. Anyway in honour ofContinue reading “World Book Day!”