November buys….so far

Helloooo I haven’t posted in a while and and since I went shopping today I thought I’d share with you the things I’ve bought so far in Novemeber.  My first clothing buy of the month is this burgundy and white knitted jumper from New Look. Defiantly a winter wardrobe essential!       I also boughtContinue reading “November buys….so far”

September Beauty Buys

I’m forever buying and trying new beauty products so I thought I’d share and rate the ones I bought during September!     Strawberry body mist from bodyshop  It’s a good perfumed spray which I use throughout the day to keep myself smelling nice and fruity! The only downside is that it’s a glass bottle soContinue reading “September Beauty Buys”

Trying to get whiter teeth – Any advice?

My latest challenge is trying to find a non harmful, not to expensive and easy to use home teeth whitening kit, but so far I haven’t had much look. To start off with I thought I’d try something basic and use the listerine advanced white mouthwash. I used this every day for a couple ofContinue reading “Trying to get whiter teeth – Any advice?”

Mini beauty haul

I haven’t been shopping in ageeeees because of uni and work but I managed to sneak in a quick trip to boots.  I didn’t want to spend much so limited myself to £20, here is what I got: 1) Nivea mouisturising cream The skin on my arms has been feeling really dry and scented moisturisesContinue reading “Mini beauty haul”

Shopping wish list

Lately I have been trying my best to save money, which is hard as there are so many nice things in shops!!! So instead of going out and buying the things I like I thought I’d make a blog post shopping wish list. It make sense to me. Playsuit from Ark I am in loveContinue reading “Shopping wish list”