Recipe: Honey Biscuits, perfect for Autumn

Honey biscuits are my all time favourite biscuit to make. They are soft, chewy, super easy to make and taste incredible. The cinnamon and honey flavours make them the perfect recipe for Autumn. Why not give them a try for yourself: Honey Biscuit Ingredients: 120g butter 120g sugar 180g self raising flour 1 table spoonContinue reading “Recipe: Honey Biscuits, perfect for Autumn”

My Autumn Essentials

Autumn is one of my all time favourite seasons as it means dark lips, burgundy clothes and cosy nights in bed. To celebrate the arrival of this season I thought I’d do a blog post about my essential items for Autumn. First of all is the make-up. It’s not Autumn until I’m wearing my MacContinue reading “My Autumn Essentials”