Blogmas Day Seven- Decorating my flat for Christmas

Yeah I missed out Day six, blogmas is more time consuming than I thought, but I’m back with day seven! This Christmas has been the first year where I’ve gone all out and bought loads of Christmas decorations🎄 In the past I’ve been in student halls/houses and they all were so disgusting that I didn’tContinue reading “Blogmas Day Seven- Decorating my flat for Christmas”

Making my flat look more Autumnal – DIY Post

Autumn is here!!! And to celebrate I decided to make my flat look more Autumnal, But I got a bit stuck when I saw some of the prices of things. So, I took to Pinterest and decided to make my own. The first thing I did was order some fake leaves off Ebay (real onesContinue reading “Making my flat look more Autumnal – DIY Post”

DIY storage decorating

You may have seen from my previous posts that I have been redecorating my room. It is almost finished, I just have some finishing touches to do! What I have loved doing, instead of buying loads of new furniture, I have been redecorating the old stuff I’ve got to fit in with the color scheme.Continue reading “DIY storage decorating”


Recently, in a post I mentioned that I was redecorating my room. Unfortunately I didn’t take any before photos so you can’t see the twilight/vampire/One Direction themed room which I used to have. (I was in year 8 when it was last decorated). Decorating is a lot harder than I thought it would be. ItsContinue reading “Redecorating!”