Exploring derelict places

Since I wrote and article at uni, I’ve had a fascination with derelict buildings, abandoned places and urban exploring. So I woke up on Friday to find it was a nice Spring day (I luckily had the day off work) and I decided I wanted to get out there and do some exploring. A friendContinue reading “Exploring derelict places”

An Autumn walk around Kedleston Hall

One of my favourite things to do in Autumn is to go on woodland walks. I haven’t done this in a while as I’ve been busy with uni life and work, but now that uni is over I have spare time in the day to do all the Autumn things I want. I’ve been inContinue reading “An Autumn walk around Kedleston Hall”

A day at Hassop Station – Things to do in Derbyshire

Despite the autumn season slowly starting, the weather has been soooo nice, so last week I ventured out into Derbyshire and spend the afternoon cycling at Hassop Station. I haven’t been on a bike ride in ages, but it was so nice to be out in the fresh air even if I did struggle toContinue reading “A day at Hassop Station – Things to do in Derbyshire”

Derby is full of such random places – The Great Northern Railway Warehouse

My last post on here was about an old headmasters house I went to look at for part of my university coursework and this post is similar. I’m currently based in Derby so thought I would try and look for some old buildings I could photograph. I noticed a factory near the big roundabout thatContinue reading “Derby is full of such random places – The Great Northern Railway Warehouse”