Spring Shopping Haul

I am going away on holiday next week so of course I used this as an excuse to go on a big shopping trip for some pre holiday essentials. So I  took a visit to Meadowhall, my current favourite place to shop, and literally spent the whole day there. I’m not kidding, I think IContinue reading “Spring Shopping Haul”

Meadowhall shopping haul

Last Thursday I had the day off work so I headed over to Meadowhall in Sheffield for some much needed shopping time. I haven’t been to Meadowhall since before Christmas so I tried my best no to go too crazy and reign in my spending. I bought a couple of cute little bits so IContinue reading “Meadowhall shopping haul”

Halloween OOTD

Yesterday I woke up really feeling the Halloween spirit so I tried to reflect this in my outfit and share it with you. (I meant to post this yesterday but I was too busy doing Halloweeny things and getting drunk)  I wore some ripped skinny jeans and a burgundy body suit, both from New Look. Continue reading “Halloween OOTD”

My Autumn Essentials

Autumn is one of my all time favourite seasons as it means dark lips, burgundy clothes and cosy nights in bed. To celebrate the arrival of this season I thought I’d do a blog post about my essential items for Autumn. First of all is the make-up. It’s not Autumn until I’m wearing my MacContinue reading “My Autumn Essentials”

A weekend in Birmingham

Last weekend I headed up to Birmingham to celebrate my friends 21st birthday. We booked a room at Hatters Hostel which is just a 15 minute walk from the city centre. I’d never stayed at a hostel before and wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was nice and we had our own bathroom (IContinue reading “A weekend in Birmingham”

Summer shopping haul

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve had a brief few days of sunshine which has got me in  summer shopping mode. I have a holiday and some camping trips coming up soon, so I thought I’d start shopping early. I’m currently on the hunt for summer dresses to wear in the day, and IContinue reading “Summer shopping haul”

New Year, New clothes 

The new year means lots of things to different people, and I used it as an excuse to buy new clothes 😊 Here are my purchases through January          I have been wanting this unicorn jumper for ageeees! But it was always out of stock! Until know 😄 I got this from New Look. Continue reading “New Year, New clothes “

Student lockdown haul

Last week was on of my favourite freshers events of all time- the intu stunt lockdown.  It’s a student event were they close the big shopping centre in Derby and open it in the evening exclusively for students – and all the shops open have discounts! Here is what I got! From Newlook      Continue reading “Student lockdown haul”

Holiday evening look book

Recently I went on a trip to Benidorm and took with me a lot of clothes! It was so warm there and was nice to go out in the evening wearing something nice and not have to worry about taking a jacket or umbrella. I thought I’d share with you some of my outfits: ThisContinue reading “Holiday evening look book”

Shopping Haul and Bloggers Block

I know it’s been a while since I have last posted but thats because if had a bad case of blogger block. I had all these ideas of things to post about and photograph once uni had finished but so far I’ve done nothing. Literally nothing. BUT there’s still some time left. I have aroundContinue reading “Shopping Haul and Bloggers Block”

Spring is here- Look Book

As spring is here and I keep buying clothes, I thought I’d practise ‘my in front of a camera face’ and have an attempt at making a spring look book. Emphasis on the attempt. Here is the result I filmed this around various locations in Cornwall. There are a lot of clips of me inContinue reading “Spring is here- Look Book”

Summer is coming

That’s right, Summer is coming!!! In a few months. But that doesn’t stop me from getting excited about it and more importantly buying stuff!!!! Here are a few things I have bought recently in preparation for summer! 1) Sunglasses I own so many pairs of sunglasses but I saw these in New Look and couldn’tContinue reading “Summer is coming”